323 - Hunkahunka

Hunkahunka, A.K.A. Experiment 323, is an illegal genetic experiment created by Jumba Jookiba. He is designed to cause anyone he pecks to fall in artificial love with the first person they see, whether the victim and love interest are either the same or opposite gender; only water in the victim's face will break the spell. He was captured by Gantu, but was rescued in "Snafu". His one true place is in a heart-shaped birdhouse with the local online dating service. He is voiced by Tress MacNeille.

When 323 pecks someone, and he/she sees somebody, his/her eyes start flashing hearts and imagines himself/herself standing under palm trees shaped into a heart while holding the hands of the person he/she fell in love with; then the hexed victim says, "I think I love him/her," if the love interest is distant, or "I think I love you," if he/she is right in front of the person.

He was activated off-screen by an ocean wave. 323 was later captured by Gantu and sent to Hämsterviel, who fell in love with Gantu after being pecked. Despite this, Hämsterviel still insulted Gantu like he would on a regular basis. 323 was rescued in "Snafu".


Hunkahunka is a small pink/purple hummingbird-like experiment with a large head, black eyes, dark pink and maroon feathers on his body, a long lavender beak, light pink belly and purple-tipped wings and tail. He stands 3 inches tall and is light, weighing under 5 lbs.

Special Abilities

Hunkahunka causes artificial love by pecking a target that causes them to immediately fall in love with the next person they see, regardless of gender.

To be more specific, Hunkahunka injects the victim with a love-inducing drug that affects certain nerves, causing an artificial "love" sensation in which they are attracted to the first person they see.


The effects of Hunkahunka's love-inducing pecks can be reversed by spraying water in the victim's face. Also, his pecks kick in when the victim sees somebody, so if the whole place is dark, the pecks will not have effect immediately.


Hunkahunka made an appearance in the Stitch! anime where Stitch used him on Angel after she got mad at him earlier. However, Hunkahunka's spell caused Angel to become too obsessed with Stitch, therefore teaching him a lesson when Hunkahunka also made others fall in love (including Jumba, who was about to reveal the antidote before becoming part of Hunkahunka's spell).



  • Hunkahunka was first revealed in a DVD bonus feature of Stitch! The Movie in the experiment gallery.
  • Hunkahunka is named after a lyric in the Elvis Presley song "Burning Love" from the original movie. Lilo refers to him as a "Hunkahunka bird of love".
  • We learn that Hunkahunka's effects can cause people to love someone of the same gender, although this portrayal of homosexuality would be somewhat offensive to LGBT viewers.
  • In his debut, Hunkahunka had dark purple feathers. However, in the show's intro, the episode "Snafu", and his later appearances, he had dark pink and maroon feathers on his body.
  • Hunkahunka's pod color is white.
  • Hunkahunka is described by the experiment computer screen as, "Experiment 323. Primary function: Makes the victim fall in love with the first person they see".