515 - Deforestator

Deforestator, A.K.A. Experiment 515, is an illegal genetic experiment created by Jumba Jookiba. He is designed to cut down entire forests. His one true place is creating wooden idols.

He first appeared just before Jumba created 627, when Stitch started bragging about how easily he catches experiments (catching Deforestator in two minutes). He helped turn Jumba's ship into a hotel in "Shoe", and was part of the "rebellion" in "Checkers".


Deforestator is a big purple roughly wombat-like creature about three feet tall with dark purple markings on his arms, long blade-like claws on his front paws and a blade-like neck.

Special Abilities

Deforestator can spin into a razor-sharp tornado that can cut through most substances. His claws and neck can function like a chainsaw, allowing him to spin at high speed, and he can fly.

Much like Richter, Deforestator can only speak Tantalog.


Deforestator made an appearance in the Stitch! anime when Hämsterviel was about to use him for another plan, but called it off after developing a temporary "soft side". Because of that, he didn't really do anything during the episode.



  • Deforestator's pod color is white.
  • His pod number was also given to Splodyhead (in "Slushy") and Ploot, most likely due to Jumba's untidy database.
  • Deforestator is described by the experiment computer screen as, "Experiment 515 Primary function: Deforestator".
  • Deforestator's body appears in the online game Jumba's Lab.

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