Elena, whose last name is unknown and is Caucasian like Mertle, is one of Mertle's best friends and Lilo's rivals. She usually travels in a group with her leader Mertle and the other two girls, and seldom say anything other than a sarcastic "Yeah!" in unison with her friends when agreeing with whatever mean thing Mertle Mertle has just said about Lilo. She and the others have even ditched Mertle to hang out with Lilo for a while, like in the episodes "Tank" and "Shush", and they seemed to have enjoyed their time with Lilo on both occasions up until going right back to Mertle in the end. Also in the episode "Mr. Stenchy", she says to Mertle, "Hey, there's Lilo! Should we invite her too?", referring to one of their little tea parties at Mertle's house, and sounding as if she wouldn't mind having Lilo join them.


Not much is known about her personality because her character was not focused on a whole lot. She obviously enjoys the art of hula dancing, since she attends a hula class along with her friends. While she is mostly mean towards Lilo and Stitch, she is also kind to them as well, usually when Mertle is not around at all, so it's hard to tell whether she is a nice or mean person.



If she isn't dressed in her hula dance outfit when performing or practicing hula dancing then she can be seen wearing a pair of light pink flip-flop sandals along with a pair of dark blue shorts and a light pink tank top that exposes part of her stomach and bellybutton. She also has short puffy blond hair that is always up in pigtails each held by a small dark blue hair tie. Whether or not she is the youngest of the other four girls, she does appear to be the shortest.  

Family and Relatives

At the the very end of the episode "Wishy-Washy", there is picture of her with her parents just to show what they look like, but this is about all that is known about them.