Plorgonar is Pleakley's home planet seen in Lilo & Stitch: The Series. It is shown to be shaped much like Pleakley's head.


In "Mr. Stenchy", it is also the one true place for Experiment 254 (Mr. Stenchy) because, unlike Earth, his noxious odor is considered appealing to the inhabitants on Plorgonar, as Pleakley himself was not repulsed by Mr. Stenchy's stink.

In "Fibber", Pleakley receives a call from his mother who has been badgering her son about finding a wife, and even tells him that she has handpicked a perfect bride on his home planet. When Pleakey's family later visits him to see his sudden engagement (which he had lied about) Pleakley's mother mentions that Wendy, her son's first name, means "brave warrior" on Plorgonar (his brother Bertley wanted that name).

In "Slugger", Pleakley wins at basketball and mentions to Lilo that Earth basketball is virtually identical to a similar game on Plorgonar, of which he was a champion player.


  • The antenna on the Plorgonarians' head acts like a type of sensory organ similar to a human's ear or nose.
    • In "Mr. Stenchy", when it comes to fragrances, it functions somewhat differently, allowing them to ignore or appreciate odors which a human would consider noxious or horrible, as Pleakley and the Plorgonarians found Mr. Stenchy's odor appealing while Stitch, Lilo, Jumba, and Gantu were repulsed by it.
  • In "Spike", Nosy revealed Pleakley dyes his antenna green to match his skin because he's going prematurely orange, meaning that when a Plorgonarian reaches the state of maturity, their antenna turns orange.