Stitch!: Original Soundtrack (スティッチ!オリジナル・サウンドトラック Sutitchi! Orijinaru Saundotorakku?) is a collection of opening, insert, and ending songs based on Stitch!. It was released on April 28, 2010

Track list:

  1. "Minamikaze to Taiyō" (南風と太陽?, "South Wind & Sun") by Mongol800
  2. "Rodeo star mate" by The Pillows
  3. "SMILE" by Kimaguren
  4. "Ichariba Ohana" (イチャリバオハナ?, "If We've Met Before, We're Ohana") by Begin
  5. "Aoi Arashi" (アオイアラシ?, "Blue Storm") by All Japan Goith
  6. "TOMODACHI" (Friends) by Glean Piece
  7. "HERO" by Ishikawa Kiyotaka
  8. "Hitori Janai" (ひとりじゃない?, "You Are Not Alone") by Bless4
  9. "Number One" by LoversSoul
  10. "Kagen no Tsuki" (下弦の月?, "Waning Moon") by Chihiro Kamiya
  11. "Stitch is Coming" (スティッチ・イズ・カミング Sutitchi Izu Kamingu?) by Bless4
  12. "Stitch Eisa" (スティッチ・エイサー Sutitchi Eisaa?) by LoversSoul
  13. "Izayoi Yoi" (イザヨイヨイ?, "Izayoi Evening") by Begin featuring Hatoma Kanako

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