Toddler-fier is the twenty-fourth episode of Stitch!-Best Friends Forever.


Hamsterviel has transmutated Experiment 151 (A.K.A. Babyfier) into Toddlerfier so he could transform Stitch into a toddler, but Stitch avoids this and instead Babyfier zaps Yuna, Jessica, Dolores, Toriko, Michico, and Hiroman. Stitch spots and captures him. But Stitch has no idea how to cure the toddlers, so he brings the toddlers to Tigerlily. But Tigerlilly is more interested in her date, and Jumba and Pleakley went to go see a musical about kittens on skates. Tigerlily walks off to leave the problem to Stitch but Yuna accidentally splashes ketchup on her angering her mostly because it was very expensive. She wears another Shirt and Stitch carries the kids in a baby cart but they want to get out. The Toddlers come out and run in the street. They almost get hit by a car until Stitch saves them. Hamsterviel comes up with a new plan and instead decides to kidnap one of the toddlers and use them as bait to lure Stitch. Later, Stitch gives up babysitting but Tigerlily says he took on alien experiments, Hamsterviel, and mutants and won, and Tigerlily refuses to bring them on her date. Yuna and Jessica are arguing and Jessica near hurts herself until Stitch saved them. Now the kids are hungry, Tigerlilly gives Stitch a $20 to buy sandwitches, but Jessica begins act and tries to give Tigerlily bad publicity by accusing her of leaving her kids out in the open, Tigerlily complies and uses her salon money to buy the kids food, Jessica says that everybody makes sacrifices and despite not being her kids they say it's parenting. Tigerlily agrees to watch them but until her appointment which upsets Stitch so they try tuckering them out which doesn't work. Tigerlily leaves to get her hair done, but Jessica gets kidnapped. Stitch leaves the kids with Tigerlily, and he goes to save them. Stitch tries to get to Jessica but he has to trade himself for him. Tigerlily using her skills managed to set Sritch free and with the help of the kids managed to overpower Gantu. With her suit messed up Tigerlilly is unable to go on her date, but the kids convince her otherwise. Tigerlily shows up and unfortunately the kids have to and the date didn't go well Deilia is ready to punish Hamsterviel but Hamsterviel (to avoid punishment) dresses up as a baby, Deilia tells him to man up and he is doing an obstacle course. Tigerlilly is upset because she blew it but Hiroman and Jessica tells her the guy probably didn't like you because she had kids.